Trang chủPhim Lẻ《Kẻ Tình Nghi Thứ 3》

Kẻ Tình Nghi Thứ 30.0

Thể Loại:Hình Sự#Bí ẩnTrung Quốc2024

Diễn viên:Li Chengfeng#Song Ning#Shi Zhaoqi

Đạo diễn:Yan Guoxi#Dong Haizhan

Nội dung phim

The story tells of two consecutive murders that occurred in the Longshan area, causing a huge public outcry and leaving the people restless and uneasy. The pressure on the police force intensified, prompting the establishment of the"118" major case task force, with Deputy Director Li Hui, in charge of criminal investigation, and Police Captain Guo Ming serving as the heads. With just over ten days left until retirement, Li Hui is determined to solve the case before retiring, to put a perfect end to his lifelong career in criminal investigation. However, behind the seemingly unrelated murders lies a carefully orchestrated conspiracy, shrouded in mystery. Through the collaboration of old and new detectives overcoming their past grievances, the fog eventually clears, and the truth is revealed.

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